Bowen Island’s Affordable Housing for Ownership Program

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This website provides a guide to the Bowen Island Municipality’s affordable housing program designed to produce non-market housing units for purchase at below-market prices for qualified prospects.

The units under the Affordable Housing for Ownership Program are intended for households with incomes that qualify for a mortgage, but are unable to find a market unit at a price they can afford. These are households in the range between those with low incomes that qualify for social or subsidized housing, and those with higher incomes that can afford market units at current high market prices.

The Bowen Island community has expressed its commitment to remaining a diverse and welcoming community, and to enabling a range of housing to meet community needs. Housing affordability is a big challenge in our time, and many of the solutions are beyond the capacity of a small municipality to provide. The Affordable Housing for Ownership Program is a first step in the direction of increasing affordable choices.